At Hospice of Orleans, it’s our privilege to care for you and your family.

Hear what our patients have to say about their experience with us:


Tammy Chmylak
Administrative Assistant, SC Orleans - Hospice
“My first experience with Hospice was eighteen years ago. My mom was only 54 years old when she was diagnosed with kidney cancer that spread to her brain. At the time of her diagnosis, she was given four weeks to live, and she started chemo and radiation right away, which gave her a good year and a half more of life. Near the end, we called Hospice of Orleans for help and guidance. They were amazing. They took over her care, which my family and I struggled with for months. The nurses and staff were always helpful, caring, and comforting through it all. Years have passed since then, and I have had a few friends that have also used Hospice of Orleans and had wonderful care as well. In May of 2021, my 81-year-old father was diagnosed with liver cancer that spread to his bones. He immediately moved in with my husband and I and we called Hospice right away. They came out the next day to start his care and, yet again, were wonderful, helpful, and very caring. My dad passed away a month later in the Martin-Linsin Residence in Albion. The nurses and staff were so kind and caring to my father and my very large family. It was then I realized that I wanted to be a part of the caring hospice family and help the people in my community that were going through the same thing my family had just been through. So, in October 2021, I took a position at Hospice of Orleans and have been able to help several families with their loved ones, just like my family was helped.”

M. Waters


"I have been a CNA/HHA for approximately 26 years and have been a part of the Hospice team, now Hospice of Orleans, for about 9 years now. I have worked the overnight shift at the Martin-Linsen Residence for that time.

Before working with Hospice, I knew Mr. Martin. He had his wife in the care of hospice at home before the residence building was built. He was so pleased with Hospice and the care his wife received as well as the support he had received. He felt it was such a wonderful organization and that he wanted to be a part of helping them do more. He was allowed to be a part of the building team of the Residence and expressed to me how nice it was to know and see the results of where his donated money was going to, instead of just leaving it in a will and not really knowing the results of it. He encouraged me to work for Hospice. There is plaque in the entry way of the Residence about the name sakes of the Residence, Mr. Martin and his wife and he was able to see the building completed before he passed away. 

 We all at Hospice (Supportive Care) take pride in providing quality care and providing a safe environment for those we care for. Care is provided for our residents when it is needed. Our residents, their families, and our fellow employees are treated with honesty, integrity, compassion, kindness, and respect. We do not discriminate against anyone's age, religion, race, disability, culture, social status, or sexual preference. We strive to maintain good ethics and follow the Golden Rule, that is to 'treat people like you want to be treated,' but we also strive to follow the Platinum Rule. Which is to treat people like they want to be treated. 

 I am told by some when I tell them I work for Hospice that it must be hard work, they don't know how I could do that job, and that it takes a special person to do that kind of work. Well, it isn't a job for just anyone. We are all special people. It is my pleasure to care for those we serve. To do everything I can to support and assist them and their families in this final journey in this life. Just as Mr. Martin felt, I feel the same. Hospice is a wonderful organization."

"My family and I were truly blessed by the loving care, compassion and dedication of our Hospice team during this most painful and difficult time. Because of them I never felt alone. I will forever be immeasurably grateful for all of the Hospice Angels who helped us in our greatest time of need and they will always be in my heart and my prayers. GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!! And THANK YOU!!"

"You brought us through a rough and special time in our life. Thank you for being there, we could not have done it without you all."

"Without Hospice of Orleans and my daughter, I could never have done it. You are like Guardian Angels, each and every one of you."