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book.jpgSacred Stories:
What Hospice Workers Know That Can Change Your Life


This lovely book by Jean Linderman is a compilation of 63 stories, each named after a patient, hospice worker, or family member. The anecdotes fall naturally into chapters such as "Visitors" and "Everyday Heroes" The "visitors" are people "seen" by patients but invisible to hospice workers or family members. These stories, even though they almost always end in death, are quietly uplifting and positive and honor the memory of the patient. The book is emotional without being treacly or maudlin. Price includes shipping.


hospice-sweatshirts.jpgHospice Sweatshirts


Lightweight 50% polyester & 50% preshrunk cotton, with white embroidered Hospice logo. Price includes shipping.



hospice-tshirts.jpgHospice T-shirts


Heavyweight 50% polyester & 50% preshrunk cotton, with white embroidered Hospice logo (same as on sweatshirts). Text across back of T-shirt says "Making a difference... One life at a time..." Price includes shipping.